Veronica Cartwright-Rodriguez, LMT

LMT # MA60354021

Soothing Relaxation Therapy that Promotes Both Mental and Physical Health


5+ Years Massage Experience

Specializing in:

Relaxation Massage

Warm Bamboo Massage

Eastern Massage Techniques

Veronica has over six years of experience as a licensed massage therapist and she is one of the most patient, nurturing and dedicated therapists around. She has been trained in many unique modalities that are both therapeutic and relaxing like her specialty: Warm Bamboo Massage which utilizes warmed bamboo tools with gliding and pivoting motions proven to increase blood circulation and naturally detox the body and Ayurvedic Massage which is all about bringing balance to the body.


The focus of her work is to bring optimum relaxation that coincides seamlessly with the treatment work that is typical of massage in a medical setting to bring the most benefit to the body. She takes some time to warm up the tissue before working deeper to loosen stressed muscles progressing you towards better health every session. There aren’t many things that begin and end with love but her massage does exactly that beginning with the genuine hospitality she has been known for in spa industry where she has spent most of her career: a warmed table, warm oil and ensuring you’re feeling comfortable from the start and ending with some nice Swedish massage strokes on your neck, scalp and face (as long as you’ll allow her to of course). She treats her clients as though they are welcomed guests in her home so you are guaranteed to feel completely cared for throughout your visits.


She has high hopes of changing the course of the massage therapy profession as we know it. She doesn’t want the focus to be on “fixing” anyone necessarily but rather render an effectively versatile massage with pressure that can range from a light relaxing touch to firm treatment work, taking your comfort into consideration, combined with creative sports stretching and in some cases table Thai massage techniques and foot reflexology that focus on the root of your symptoms and attempt to guide your body to release all the negative energy and interference it holds inside over time so your body can actually make itself well again.


She is a calming presence in the treatment room and provides a peaceful atmosphere for you to get away from the many stressors of the world. In her spare time she enjoys receiving massages and various spa treatments for herself, attending paint and sip events, karaoke, watching movies and spending time with her best friends.